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Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Department

Our dedicated Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Department works closely with all personnel and parties within TLP Terminal Sdn Bhd to ensure:

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Department
  • All HSE systems and procedures are being exercised and continously improved to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Safety is a core responsibility for all managers and superiors.
  • Employees are assured to have a proper working environment, equipment’s and trainings.
  • All personnel are capable to identify hazards and necessary control measures.
  • Safety culture that inspires awareness and personal responsibility for Occupational Safety and Health at workplace.
Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Department
TLP Terminal handle high-risk cargo from highly flammable liquid cargo such as gasoline, naptha, diesel, fuel oil; general bulk cargo such as palm kernel shell (PKS), iron ore; heavy equipments/parts for oil & gas operation; and also food industry.
All these cargoes create has its own risk/hazard. They can cause fire and explosion; health hazard; and pollute the environment (spilled to land or water). Hence, TLP Terminal must be ready to handle any emergency situation at any time.
Pasir Gudang Emergency Matual Aid ( PAGEMA ) was established in 1988 and the purpose was to bring together the government agencies and high risk industries for contributing effort in managing any emergency at Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat industrial Area. Being an active members of PAGEMA, TLP Terminal has been the host for emergency exercise in 2012 & 2016 as well as participate in annual emergency drill conducted by other PAGEMA members. This exercise was organized to test preparedness of the ERT, the Management and its employees in dealing with the emergency situation and additionally to assess the abilities to respond to rescue activities.
We are also conducting Emergency Drill exercise with other port tenants not only to prepare them for any emergency but also to have close relation and boost their confidences with our capability and preparedness.

Integrated Management System

Integrated Management Systems (IMS) is a key tool in identifying and controlling the health, safety, environmental, quality issues for continually improving, monitoring performance and in implementing a systematic approach to formal risk assessment.



  • Health, Safety and Environmental Policy 
  • Stop Work Policy 
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy


TLP Terminal has set procedures to continually comply and evaluate their occupational safety and environmental legislation covering the port’s marine safety and operations, general safety, fire-fighting systems (ERP), general and waste management, effluents and discharges, noise, storage, pollution(land and water)and nature conservation, and ensure complying with national and world standard. Among them are :
  • Fire Certificate (Bomba Act)
  • PMT/PMA Certificate of Fitness (OSH Act)
  • EIA / EMP Compliance
  • HSE (Safety) Committee

HSE Communications

  • Tool-box meeting
  • Permit-To-Work (PTW) implementation
  • Hot-Work/Cold-Work/Radiography Test Work Permit
  • Safety Committee Meeting(TLP Terminal)
  • Safety Walkabout
  • Tanjung Langsat Group Safety Committee
  • Interface Meeting
  • Integrated Emergency Drill
  • Safety Briefing For Contractors/Port Users
  • Safety Signage at TLP Port area.


TLP Terminal Sdn Bhd has identified this aspect of its business that impact on the environment. We are in compliance to ISO 14001:2015.

Fire Safety At Port

Fire prevention is the most important element in port and marine operation.


Emergency Vehicles/ Equipment

  • Rapid Response Rescue Vehicle (RRRV 1)
  • Rapid Response Rescue Vehicle (RRRV 2)
  • Fire Engine ( Foam tender,4000L )
  • Ambulance
  • Oil Spill Response Equipment (OSRE) set
    • Oil boom 2,000m length

Fire Fighting System Testing and Monitoring Activities

  • Daily inspection/ monitoring activities at site.
  • FireFighting system testing weekly and monthly i.e.
    • Hydrant & Foam System
    • Water & Foam Monitor
    • Fire Fighting Pump
    • Passive & Active Systems
    • Oil Spill Response Equipment (OSRE)
  • Site visit and fire fighting system testing at port tenant area.

Emergency Crew Members Training Activities

  • Fire protecting system and application
  • Fire Fighting operation
  • Rescue operation using breathing apparatus(BA) equipment.
  • Land & sea rescue technique
  • HAZMAT training with Jabatan BOMBA Malaysia
  • On scene commander training
  • ERT training with Jabatan Bomba Malaysia
  • Water rescue training
  • First Aider training
  • Oil spill training

Safety Month Activities

  • Safety talk session with relevant authority (e.g DOSH,DOE,NIOSH)
  • Safety event for staff (e.g:Blood donation campaign Fire fighting competition, Jonathon/walkathon)
  • Safety Exhibitions/ Booths by government authorities and safety equipment suppliers 

Integrated Emergency Drill & Pasir Gudang Emergency Mutual Aid (PAGEMA) Activities

  • Host for Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat (JBPM) Ex-STROM- PAGEMA Emergency Drill 2017
  • Host for PAGEMA Drill 2016
  • Integrated Emergency Drill with LGT-1 & LGT-2 2016
  • Integrated Emergency Drill with Kiswire Neptune 2017
  • Integrated Emergency Drill with Asiaflex Technip 2017
  • Internal Emergency Drills
  • Participate in Annual PAGEMA Emergency Drills

Pagema Drill at TLP Terminal Sdn Bhd

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