Liquid Cargo Jetty

TLP Terminal offer liquid jetty facilities mostly for the loading and discharging of petroleum products and edible oil. It consists of 7 berths (Berth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9).
All berths are equipped with dedicated pipelines to TLP Terminal’s port user terminal such as Dialog Terminals Langsat 1 (DTL-1) & Dialog Terminals Langsat 2(DTL-2), Langsat Bulkers Sdn Bhd, Langsat Bitumen Terminal (Puma Energy) and Musim Mastika Oil & Fats (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
Liquid Berths are equipped with Marine Loading Arms or Cargo Hoses for cargo operation.
 Liquid Cargo Jetty
Berth Water Depth (m) Capacity (DWT) Total Length (m)
1 15.0 120,000 480
2 9.5 5,000 140
3 15.0 45,000 284
4 9.5 15,000 165
5 15.0 80,000 310
8 14.5 60,000 310
9 15.0 110,000 410
 Liquid Cargo Jetty    Liquid Cargo Jetty    Liquid Cargo Jetty

Bulk & Break Bulk Jetty

Bulk & Break Bulk Jetty offers the handling of Bulk and Break Bulk cargoes. 
It consists of 2 berths (Berth 6 and Berth 7). Both berth have a different load bearing for different loading and unloading activities .
All activities such as loading and discharging at Bulk & Break Bulk jetty will be assisted by our Marine team and registered stevedores for safe operation.
Dry Cargo Jetty
Berth Water Depth (m) Capacity (DWT) Load Bearing ton/m2 Total Length (m)
6 11 40,000 5 545
7 11 40,000 3
Dry Cargo Jetty   Dry Cargo Jetty   Dry Cargo Jetty

Oil Storage Terminal

TLP TERMINAL is able and capable of handling various liquid bulk cargo. At present, there are six terminals using our port for their activities and operates different products.
Oil Storage Terminal
No. Oil Storage Products Capacity (m3)
1 Dialog Terminals Langsat 1 (DTL-1) Gasoline 476,000
2 Dialog Terminals Langsat 2 (DTL-2) Petroleum 171,000
3 Dialog Terminals Langsat 3 (DTL-3) Petroleum 119,000
4 Langsat Bulkers Edible Oils 31,200
5 Musim Mastika Oil & Fats Edible Oils 70,000
6 Langsat Bitumen Terminal Bitumen 75,000
7 Norman Process Oil Malaysia Plant Treated Distillte Aromatic Extract 43,000
8 Menajaya Oil & Fats Palm Derived Product 20,300
Currently, TLP TERMINAL has combined oil storage capacity of 1,005,500 m3.
Oil Storage Terminal   Oil Storage Terminal   Oil Storage Terminal

Regional Marine Supply Base

Langsat OSC 

Langsat OSC Sdn Bhd (LOSC) is a joint venture between Langsat Marine Base Sdn Bhd and OSC International Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in Malaysia and a wholly owned subsidiary of Oilfields Supply Center Limited, a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws and regulations of the Emirate of Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.
 Regional Marine Supply Base
The nature of the business of LOSC is to manage and operate an oilfield supply base to cater to the oil and gas industry, driven by offshore operations such as drilling and well operations, production, maintenance and modification through the provision of Workshop service facilities:
  • Offices
  • Warehouses and open storage area
  • Relevant services and utilities such as oilfield logistics
  • HSEQ management system services
  • Maintenance and technical support services for corporate
  • Waste management services and stevedoring.

Langsat Marine Terminal

Langsat Marine Terminal is a Customs bonded area under Section 65, Customs Act 1960. They’re basic amenities available within bonded area. Basic amenities such as cafeteria, meetings room, prayers room, toilets, parking lots and convenience store which is available at the center of location. LMT also provides office spaces for rental.
It adjacent location to TLP Terminal Bulk & Break Bulk Jetty. The distance is approximately 500m to the center of the wharf.
Langsat Marine Terminal

The operation runs at 24 hours and 7 days with tight security monitor by LMT.
The development of 50 acres Custom Bonded area of LMT comprise of:
  • Warehouses
  • Open Yard
  • Industrial Land
Tanjung Langsat Industrial ComplexTLP Terminal Sdn Bhd TLP Terminal Sdn Bhd | Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex
Bangunan Pentadbiran Langsat Marine Terminal, Lot 1, PTD 4845, Jalan Persiaran Tanjung Langsat, Pelabuhan Tanjung Langsat, 81707, Pasir Gudang.



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